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  • What is your service area?

    We service a 45-mile radius of Forestville, CA which includes: Forestville, CA, Sebastopol, CA, Bodega Bay, CA, Occidental, CA, Guerneville, CA, Healdsburg, CA, Windsor, CA, Santa Rosa, CA, and West County, CA amongst others.

  • Are you Insured?

    We carry general liability (GL) insurance, workers’ compensation (workers comp) insurance, and commercial auto insurance.

  • How long does it take to get an estimate?

    Our goal is to be on-site for a consult either the same day or within 48 hours, pending geographic location.

  • Who will be coming out to give the estimate?

    Typically the owner.

  • How long is an estimate good for?

    Generally, we hold prices for 30 days. When the markets are volatile, sometimes we can only hold prices for a week.

  • How do you handle the dirty work?

    We aim to leave the job site cleaner than when we arrived. Of course, what we do can be dirty. We tarp our work area, provide floor protection and plastic containment walls, broom sweep, and vacuum the work area to get any possible debris. We also provide porta potties where applicable.

  • How do you handle overruns?

    With any remodeling project, you can only see some things once exposed. We over-communicate every exception and involve you in the process and solution. Before we take any action, any changes are discussed and agreed upon by you.

  • Do you use sub-contractors?

    Sometimes we do, but almost all of our subcontractors have been part of our company for many years.

  • Do you have pictures of previous jobs?

    Yes, you can view our Photo Galleries by selecting the tab at the top of this page.

  • How much should I plan for overruns?

    On new construction projects, 10% is a good number. On remodeling projects, 10% – 15% is best. If you don’t need it, all the better.

  • Does every remodeling job need a permit?

    Most cities, towns, and counties have established building codes. They vary considerably from one jurisdiction to another. A building permit is generally required whenever structural work is involved or when the home’s primary living area is to be changed. A professional who works in your city or town every day will know the local requirements.

  • Do you need insurance to pull a permit?

    Some states require workers’ compensation insurance before a permit is issued.

  • What is the difference between big box stores and remodelers?

    Quite a bit! You get what you pay for. Most times, some brand-name products are of lower quality even though they have the same brand name at big box stores. Every situation is different, so it’s important to compare estimates from each type of company carefully.

  • What if I need to get in touch with you while my project is in progress (or after hours)?

    We will give you our cell phone numbers.

  • How do you communicate with your clients?

    We provide you with cell phone numbers and communicate through text messages and email. We stay in touch weekly to provide updates and sometimes daily if necessary.

  • Are liens out on my property while work is in progress?

    Not for residential projects but in some commercial projects, we are required to.

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